Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fourth month and the holidays

So today as I was reading facebook of cource I saw one of my friends posted their blog which made me remember that I had not done a blog in o almost two months now so here we go. So November was pretty normal just going out with friends on the weekends and going to school everyonce in awhile you know just the normal 18 year old stuff. I did how ever end up getting braces here in brasil because it is so much cheaper to buy them here than they are in EUA (United States). Im not going to lie it was very diffrent not having thanksgiving this year and it was a lil difficult just being able to see my family threw skype but hey I guess it better than not being able to see them at all atleast I think so, well thats about it for my fourth month like I said it was pretty normal.
      So lets get started on my fifth month here in brasil. Time has flown by I dont know were it has gone or how it has gone by so fast but I guess the saying is true and I am living proof of it that "time flies when your having fun". I still trying to wrap my head around the fact that on the 30th of this month I will have been living in brasil for 5 months and that almost half of my exchange year is gone and I cant get it back, I think I cant get my head around that fact because I really dont want that fact to be true but hey its been the best 5 months of my life I wouldnt trade those for anything. At the first of this month I moved into my new family that was difficult I mean ya im in the same town as my first host family but I became close to them so it was very diffrent and difficult not to be able to see them every day like I had been but hey thats just part of being a exchange student. My new family is very nice and extreamly cool they want me to go out every night so im not just sitting in the house all day every day and since its summer time here and I dont have school anymore im more than willing to comply with their wishes lol. So once again I will be passing two more holidays without my family but I got to see them threw skype and like I said its better to see them threw skype then to not see them at all. This month has probly been the most stressfull and had the most problems with some of the people here in town then I have had since I got here but that is all taken care of I hope but we shall see. This month we did have a christmas party for all the exchange students in my district were we had to cook and bring a dish of our native country that was a experience just cooking the dish. So me and one of the two American girls had to make mac and chesse you might think o thats no big deal but how about you go and tell a 18 year old and a 16-17 year old to go make this dish from scratch it is very very difficult when you dont have the right type of chesse. So we ended up making two dishes of mac and chesse because the first one was a complete and total EPIC FAIL but hey we had fun making it so ya, the second one we made we thought this is good enough to server hahahha wrong again I mean yes it was safe to eat but it had no taste what so ever and ended up being the laughing stock of the dinner but hey it was the experince of making it that we will remember for a very long time if not forever. All right so it about time to wrap up this blog, but I do have just a lil more im going to add before ending this. This week shall be my full week in Santa Cruz you ask why well ill tell you why for the first part im going to be traveling to another city to pass christmas there in my host grandmothers house then we shall be traveling to another state Parana to pass the new year at what I think is my host aunts house it shall be alot of fun. After that I shall return here for one or two days then im off for the rest of January to the Northeast of brasil with a bunch of other exchange students needless to say im totaly stoked for this trip I know it will be one of the best months of my life if not the best for sure the best of my entire stay here. Not sure when i sall be able to blog again since the internet is limited on the NE trip but I shall blog again when I have the time. Plz forgive me for any errors in this blog since I have been learning portuguese my english has become worse than it was. Like one of my fav looney toons says Thats All Folks.

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