Tuesday, June 21, 2011


All right guys bear with me this is my first time ever to blog. So im going to take you back to before camp to when I first found out about this program. I was at RYLA were Kathy Bauer came up to me and started talking to me about the benefits of this program. Well it took her five minutes of telling me about the program and the places I could go before I said sign me up with a huge smile on my face. After that it took about 5 months to get all the applications in and the interviews  before I found out I had been accepted in early January, well for my district we had two orientations we had to attend before we went the the summer camp. All right now im going to jump to the first day of camp, it was about a five hour drive from were I was in Texas to Edmond Oklahoma, im not going to lie I was excited but nervous about meeting everyone. I got signed in and registered so I took my stuff up to my room when I got to my room my roommate wasn't there yet so I went back down stairs to meet everyone when I walked in everyone started clapping which was kinda weird at first lol. I started meeting everyone and it wasn't long before I meet my roommate Davis he was really cool and im glade he was my roommate. We had a bunch of lectures that day so im going to jump forward. Day ,two was awesome because that when I started to meet and get to know everyone in my group I was the only guy in my group and the only guy going to South America but that was ok. We got split up in to groups and were taken to go do different activities my group got to play kickball first which was really fun while the other group was playing a card game.  All right day three, we went to a local nursing home and played bingo with all the residents which was awesome and we got to hang out and talk to them after we played, FYI DORIS was the best resident there lol. We had to do our speeches later on in the day and that wasn't bad. We also had true stories that day which was awesome but also very emotional.At the end of the night we talked with our rotex Danielle and jay about their experiences, Danielle gave us a shirt that she had bought in Mexico when she was there, I was asked to wear my boots, shorts, and the shirt to breakfast the next day. Day 4 started off interesting because of the clothing I was wearing i would of never worn that in public before this camp so obviously that tells you something about how good this camp is,we played a cultural game which was fun but frustrating at the same time lol. We heard the rest of the true stories that night im pretty certain it was more emotional than the night before, we had a camp fire thing after that were we would throw a piece of paper in the fire and say our fears out loud and watch the paper burn, im not sure the was a dry eye by the end of that camp fire. We had the dance after the campfire which was a smart move because a few of us needed that dance to brighten out spirits not going to lie I was one of the people that needed that dance lol. All right the last day of camp was the day we graduated from camp and the first time we would have to say tchau (bye) to people as a exchange student and the last time we would see some of the people till rebound camp.

I found out on Monday who my first host family would be and I also learned that my host sister just got back from a year exchange in Laredo Texas  so of course I was stoked to hear that and I also found out that I would be in Brazil by the end of July which made me even more stoked. Well I have a lot to do and not a lot of time so ill write more later.