Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Month

So its been around a month since i had last updated my blog i know that its been awhile but iv been busy so cut me some slack hahah. Like i said iv been fairly busy with getting my temporary citizenship which involved alot of paper work as well as some travel, after that I started talking to a few school about attending them  one of the schools was a language school to help me learn the language faster i just started that school this previous week, I also talked to a rodeo school about attending there but i am not going to start there untill i know more port. I just got confirmation that i will be able to get into ica for free, Ica is a place were they have the gym, swimming pool, and the club so i wont have to pay when i want to go to the club or anything, that was really nice because its expensive to go there but its alot of fun so i was really glad when i was able to do that. This previous weekend i went to Sorocaba for a tour of the city and to just hang out with the other exchange students. I left on Thursday because i had to go to another town to catch the bus with one of the other exchange students named Alan, i went to his school for a few hours and meet his friends they were cool, after that we went to his house had lunch then went to the bus station to start our 5 hour bus ride, that was a new experience for me it was a good ride until we had a lady come up t us and ask us for R$40 that was different of course we didn't give it to her but then she started asking for R$10 which we still didn't give to her because that was to much money. On Friday we had the tour which was really good and very fun we went and saw some very nice places in the town. On Saturday we went and got a ride from one of the kids that is going to be going on short term exchange while we were at the meeting we had to introduce our self and talk a little bit about our self but that was not that bad. Well thats about it for right now so tchau.