Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final days in Brasil

Well the dreaded time is finally upon me, I deffantly didn't want it to be here this soon but thats how life is "Times flies when your having fun", to tell you the truth it really shouldnt be here this soon but it is. I only have one full day left here in Brasil, I found out last Sunday that I would be leaving this week so it didn't give me alot of time to get everything ready and say bye to all my friends, its time to move on from my time here, it was easily the best year of my life I can say that with all my heart, I couldnt see  my self doing anything else this year or of been anywere else this year. Just thinking about having not done this I wonder what I would of been like because I know I wouldnt be the same person that I am right now. Its a amazing feeling knowing you have friends from all over the world and when you look at your Facebook news feed it looks like th UN because you just have so many diffrent languages on it and people from all over the world, I now have new familys that I love as much as my original family. I have learned so much in my ten months here, I have learned about Brasil, the language, I have a brand new mind set on the world, and I have also learned so much about my self that I belive that had I not come on exchange I would of never learned. I can see some of the changes I have made here and I am very happy about these changes, I also know there are some changes that I cant see just yet because im use to them but I know when I get back to the States I will notices these changes over time. Even though I am not ready to go back just yet, I have things I need to do that will help me come back to Brasil because I know one day I will come back it might be just for vacation or to visit my new family here or it might be to live here I dont know yet but one of the two will happen. As I sit here writting this I am looking around what has been my room for the past two months now and it brings back some great memories but at the same time it makes me very sad, upset that I have to leave, I have so many emotions racing threw me right now no one besides some one who has been on exchange would know what its like right now.

    I have gotten to travel all over the country of Brasil with friends and family and it was the best time of my life, my trip to the Northeast of Brasil with the other exchange students what the best month of my life I wouldnt trade it for anything else in the world. Traveling with my family was great getting to spend holidays with them watching and learning how diffrent cultures spend their holidays was amazing and very intresting.  After this experiance I know I will be traveling all over the world, learning as many languages as I possibly can, just going to live life to the fullest make the best of my life.

    I can tell tomorrow and tuesday are going to be very difficult for me having to say goodbye to everyone, knowing that I might not ever see some of my friends from here and from around the world again, I know I wont be getting much sleep tonight and tomorrow night when your this close to the end of your exchange you just have so much going threw your mind, for me its like im living my entire year in minutes my mind is running at thousand miles a hour. I better end this blog now other wise I will never finish it, I just want to thank everyone that gave me this great chance to live here for the year and I would also like to thank everyone that supported me threw the good times and the bad, I belive my exchange could of been so much more but at the same time it could of been so much less so im very happy and thankfull for my exchange and everything I was allowed to do, this is my final blog from Brasil, I can only think of one way to end this blog.  Eu amo todo mundo que está em minha vida e eu sou grato por tudo que você fez para mim, eu vou ver todos vocês mais tarde na vida eu esperoAté mais, Tchau.