Sunday, October 30, 2011

Third Month in the great Country of Brasil

So today I have been in Brasil for three months its really hard to believe that time has flown by but at the same time it feels like I just got here in the country, if time flew by like this in the states I never noticed that it went so fast. It has been about a month since i have blogged i have been fairly busy I cant promise to blog every few weeks but I will atleast once a month. So I started out this month by going with a friend to another state to go paragliding I wasnt allowed to go up but hopefully next time we go I will be able to go up. I have started going to a new school it is a ag school so I feel at home, two days out of the week we go out side and work. I am learning port. very fast now since none of the students at my new school speak english and only a few of them understand english so im forced to speak and understand port. now, as well as learning port. at school I am also going to a language school called Wizard im taking port. classes there and I think its going really good. At the moment I can understand most of what people are saying to me and I can speak so so port. This previous week I went to Sao Paulo with the other exchange students in my district that was alot of fun and it was nice to be able to hang out with them again since I only  get to see them about once a month if that. Sao Paulo even if we did just see a small area of it was very nice we went and saw alot of amazing and beautiful cathedrals. We alos got to a market area which was cool bunch of shops and we went to a huge market that had a bunch of fresh fruit, meat and several other type of stands that was alot of fun. I got back from out of town on wensday and didnt really do anything the rest of that day, thursday I went to a small bbq at a friends ranch was alot of fun, Friday night was even more fun when we went to the bar and hung out with friends I have been told I am becoming pretty good at dancing to the brazillian country music I might not understand it half the time but that dont mean I cant have fun dancing with all the pretty girls they have here in the country and my town. Yesterday was fun as well there was a tropical storm that blew in really fast one sec it was clear the next the wind was slamming th doors and windows open and closed, after it settled down some we went out and swam in the pool while it was rainning at about 8 pm thats always fun swimming in the rain if you havnt done it I suggest you go and do it when you get the chance. Well I dont know when the next time I will blog but it will be sometime next time. Tchau.