Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final days in Brasil

Well the dreaded time is finally upon me, I deffantly didn't want it to be here this soon but thats how life is "Times flies when your having fun", to tell you the truth it really shouldnt be here this soon but it is. I only have one full day left here in Brasil, I found out last Sunday that I would be leaving this week so it didn't give me alot of time to get everything ready and say bye to all my friends, its time to move on from my time here, it was easily the best year of my life I can say that with all my heart, I couldnt see  my self doing anything else this year or of been anywere else this year. Just thinking about having not done this I wonder what I would of been like because I know I wouldnt be the same person that I am right now. Its a amazing feeling knowing you have friends from all over the world and when you look at your Facebook news feed it looks like th UN because you just have so many diffrent languages on it and people from all over the world, I now have new familys that I love as much as my original family. I have learned so much in my ten months here, I have learned about Brasil, the language, I have a brand new mind set on the world, and I have also learned so much about my self that I belive that had I not come on exchange I would of never learned. I can see some of the changes I have made here and I am very happy about these changes, I also know there are some changes that I cant see just yet because im use to them but I know when I get back to the States I will notices these changes over time. Even though I am not ready to go back just yet, I have things I need to do that will help me come back to Brasil because I know one day I will come back it might be just for vacation or to visit my new family here or it might be to live here I dont know yet but one of the two will happen. As I sit here writting this I am looking around what has been my room for the past two months now and it brings back some great memories but at the same time it makes me very sad, upset that I have to leave, I have so many emotions racing threw me right now no one besides some one who has been on exchange would know what its like right now.

    I have gotten to travel all over the country of Brasil with friends and family and it was the best time of my life, my trip to the Northeast of Brasil with the other exchange students what the best month of my life I wouldnt trade it for anything else in the world. Traveling with my family was great getting to spend holidays with them watching and learning how diffrent cultures spend their holidays was amazing and very intresting.  After this experiance I know I will be traveling all over the world, learning as many languages as I possibly can, just going to live life to the fullest make the best of my life.

    I can tell tomorrow and tuesday are going to be very difficult for me having to say goodbye to everyone, knowing that I might not ever see some of my friends from here and from around the world again, I know I wont be getting much sleep tonight and tomorrow night when your this close to the end of your exchange you just have so much going threw your mind, for me its like im living my entire year in minutes my mind is running at thousand miles a hour. I better end this blog now other wise I will never finish it, I just want to thank everyone that gave me this great chance to live here for the year and I would also like to thank everyone that supported me threw the good times and the bad, I belive my exchange could of been so much more but at the same time it could of been so much less so im very happy and thankfull for my exchange and everything I was allowed to do, this is my final blog from Brasil, I can only think of one way to end this blog.  Eu amo todo mundo que está em minha vida e eu sou grato por tudo que você fez para mim, eu vou ver todos vocês mais tarde na vida eu esperoAté mais, Tchau.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fourth month and the holidays

So today as I was reading facebook of cource I saw one of my friends posted their blog which made me remember that I had not done a blog in o almost two months now so here we go. So November was pretty normal just going out with friends on the weekends and going to school everyonce in awhile you know just the normal 18 year old stuff. I did how ever end up getting braces here in brasil because it is so much cheaper to buy them here than they are in EUA (United States). Im not going to lie it was very diffrent not having thanksgiving this year and it was a lil difficult just being able to see my family threw skype but hey I guess it better than not being able to see them at all atleast I think so, well thats about it for my fourth month like I said it was pretty normal.
      So lets get started on my fifth month here in brasil. Time has flown by I dont know were it has gone or how it has gone by so fast but I guess the saying is true and I am living proof of it that "time flies when your having fun". I still trying to wrap my head around the fact that on the 30th of this month I will have been living in brasil for 5 months and that almost half of my exchange year is gone and I cant get it back, I think I cant get my head around that fact because I really dont want that fact to be true but hey its been the best 5 months of my life I wouldnt trade those for anything. At the first of this month I moved into my new family that was difficult I mean ya im in the same town as my first host family but I became close to them so it was very diffrent and difficult not to be able to see them every day like I had been but hey thats just part of being a exchange student. My new family is very nice and extreamly cool they want me to go out every night so im not just sitting in the house all day every day and since its summer time here and I dont have school anymore im more than willing to comply with their wishes lol. So once again I will be passing two more holidays without my family but I got to see them threw skype and like I said its better to see them threw skype then to not see them at all. This month has probly been the most stressfull and had the most problems with some of the people here in town then I have had since I got here but that is all taken care of I hope but we shall see. This month we did have a christmas party for all the exchange students in my district were we had to cook and bring a dish of our native country that was a experience just cooking the dish. So me and one of the two American girls had to make mac and chesse you might think o thats no big deal but how about you go and tell a 18 year old and a 16-17 year old to go make this dish from scratch it is very very difficult when you dont have the right type of chesse. So we ended up making two dishes of mac and chesse because the first one was a complete and total EPIC FAIL but hey we had fun making it so ya, the second one we made we thought this is good enough to server hahahha wrong again I mean yes it was safe to eat but it had no taste what so ever and ended up being the laughing stock of the dinner but hey it was the experince of making it that we will remember for a very long time if not forever. All right so it about time to wrap up this blog, but I do have just a lil more im going to add before ending this. This week shall be my full week in Santa Cruz you ask why well ill tell you why for the first part im going to be traveling to another city to pass christmas there in my host grandmothers house then we shall be traveling to another state Parana to pass the new year at what I think is my host aunts house it shall be alot of fun. After that I shall return here for one or two days then im off for the rest of January to the Northeast of brasil with a bunch of other exchange students needless to say im totaly stoked for this trip I know it will be one of the best months of my life if not the best for sure the best of my entire stay here. Not sure when i sall be able to blog again since the internet is limited on the NE trip but I shall blog again when I have the time. Plz forgive me for any errors in this blog since I have been learning portuguese my english has become worse than it was. Like one of my fav looney toons says Thats All Folks.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Third Month in the great Country of Brasil

So today I have been in Brasil for three months its really hard to believe that time has flown by but at the same time it feels like I just got here in the country, if time flew by like this in the states I never noticed that it went so fast. It has been about a month since i have blogged i have been fairly busy I cant promise to blog every few weeks but I will atleast once a month. So I started out this month by going with a friend to another state to go paragliding I wasnt allowed to go up but hopefully next time we go I will be able to go up. I have started going to a new school it is a ag school so I feel at home, two days out of the week we go out side and work. I am learning port. very fast now since none of the students at my new school speak english and only a few of them understand english so im forced to speak and understand port. now, as well as learning port. at school I am also going to a language school called Wizard im taking port. classes there and I think its going really good. At the moment I can understand most of what people are saying to me and I can speak so so port. This previous week I went to Sao Paulo with the other exchange students in my district that was alot of fun and it was nice to be able to hang out with them again since I only  get to see them about once a month if that. Sao Paulo even if we did just see a small area of it was very nice we went and saw alot of amazing and beautiful cathedrals. We alos got to a market area which was cool bunch of shops and we went to a huge market that had a bunch of fresh fruit, meat and several other type of stands that was alot of fun. I got back from out of town on wensday and didnt really do anything the rest of that day, thursday I went to a small bbq at a friends ranch was alot of fun, Friday night was even more fun when we went to the bar and hung out with friends I have been told I am becoming pretty good at dancing to the brazillian country music I might not understand it half the time but that dont mean I cant have fun dancing with all the pretty girls they have here in the country and my town. Yesterday was fun as well there was a tropical storm that blew in really fast one sec it was clear the next the wind was slamming th doors and windows open and closed, after it settled down some we went out and swam in the pool while it was rainning at about 8 pm thats always fun swimming in the rain if you havnt done it I suggest you go and do it when you get the chance. Well I dont know when the next time I will blog but it will be sometime next time. Tchau.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Month

So its been around a month since i had last updated my blog i know that its been awhile but iv been busy so cut me some slack hahah. Like i said iv been fairly busy with getting my temporary citizenship which involved alot of paper work as well as some travel, after that I started talking to a few school about attending them  one of the schools was a language school to help me learn the language faster i just started that school this previous week, I also talked to a rodeo school about attending there but i am not going to start there untill i know more port. I just got confirmation that i will be able to get into ica for free, Ica is a place were they have the gym, swimming pool, and the club so i wont have to pay when i want to go to the club or anything, that was really nice because its expensive to go there but its alot of fun so i was really glad when i was able to do that. This previous weekend i went to Sorocaba for a tour of the city and to just hang out with the other exchange students. I left on Thursday because i had to go to another town to catch the bus with one of the other exchange students named Alan, i went to his school for a few hours and meet his friends they were cool, after that we went to his house had lunch then went to the bus station to start our 5 hour bus ride, that was a new experience for me it was a good ride until we had a lady come up t us and ask us for R$40 that was different of course we didn't give it to her but then she started asking for R$10 which we still didn't give to her because that was to much money. On Friday we had the tour which was really good and very fun we went and saw some very nice places in the town. On Saturday we went and got a ride from one of the kids that is going to be going on short term exchange while we were at the meeting we had to introduce our self and talk a little bit about our self but that was not that bad. Well thats about it for right now so tchau.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First month

So I just relized that I hadnt updated my blog in awhile so I figured I would. Well iv been here almost a month and it has been the best month of my life so far, I cant picture my self doing anything else than what I am doing right now. I have made some new friends and I can all ready tell I will keep in contact with them even after i leave Brasil. We had District orientation this past weekend so i got to meet the other exchange students that are all ready here in the district with me. School is going great and the people are awesome and very nice. Well thats about it for right now nothing big has really happened so far so ill write more when more happens.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Its finally here and im in Brazil it didnt really sink in till the second day that i was actually here and going to be here for a year but it finally did lol. So lets go back to Friday, my family and i went to the airport where we sat there for about 30 mins to a hour then i went threw security and was alone which wasnt that bad. I got on the plane about 7 then had to sit there for about a hour before we took off, the plane ride was good cuz everyone was nice and really intrested in what i was going to do so they were asking me questions about it which wasnt bad. I arrived in Sao Paulo around 7:50 am then had to sit in the airport for about 3 hours before i got on another plane and flew to merilia (dont think i spelt that right lol ). When i arrived in Merilia i had to wait just a few minutes before my ride was there but that was ok because i meet a girl from italy so i was talking to her while we were waitting for our rides. We went and had lunch then went to the store which was intresting, the ride back to Santa Cruz was fun and i enjoyed the view of the country.
Im staying at my yeo Celso house for the week while my host family gets everything settled for me at their house, we had a brazilian bbq called churrasco that was muito muito bom (very very good), then we just hung out and got to know each other some more. I went to a birthday party with Bruno that night that was alot of fun and gained alot of friends that night. On sunday we just hung out playing games all day then my host sister and dad came over so i could meet them and to take me to my new house so i could see it and get the feel of the place, i also got to meet my host bro lucas and mom tania, i think i will be meeting my other host sister rebeca this weekend so i cant wait for that. I went to church and to eat with them and some people from church that was alot of fun and the food was good as well. Today was my first day of school it was good to meet my class i know im going to enjoy being in there everyone is very nice and welcoming at the school. I can all ready tell that this will be a great year. Well i go to go so ill blog more later tchau.

Sua finalmente aqui e eu estou no Brasil realmente não afundar em até o segundo dia que eu estava realmente aqui e vai ficar aqui por um ano, mas finalmente fez lol. Então vamos voltar a sexta-feira, minha família e eu fui para o aeroporto onde nos sentamos lá por cerca de 30 minutos a uma hora, então eu fui jogou de segurança e foi o único que não foi tão ruim assim. Peguei o avião de cerca de 7, então tinha que se sentar por aproximadamente uma hora um, antes de decolar, a viagem de avião foi todo mundo cuz bom era agradável e realmente interessou em que eu ia fazê-lo eles estavam me fazendo perguntas sobre ele que não foi ruim. Cheguei em São Paulo em torno de 07:50, então tinha que se sentar no aeroporto por cerca de três horas antes de eu chegar em outro avião e voou para merilia (não acho que eu escrito que lol direita). Quando cheguei em Merilia eu tive que esperar alguns minutos antes da minha viagem estava lá, mas que foi ok, porque eu conhecer uma garota da Itália assim que eu estava falando com ela enquanto estávamos waitting para os nossos passeios. Fomos almoçar e depois foi para a loja que foi intresting, a viagem de volta a Santa Cruz foi divertido e eu apreciamos a vista do país.
Im ficar na minha yeo Celso casa para a semana, enquanto minha família fica tudo resolvido para mim em sua casa, tivemos um churrasco brasileiro chamado churrasco que foi Muito muito bom (muito bom), então nós apenas pendurado para fora e tem que saber o outro um pouco mais. Fui a uma festa de aniversário com Bruno naquela noite que foi muito divertido e ganhou um monte de amigos naquela noite. No domingo só sai jogando todos os dias, em seguida, minha irmã e meu pai anfitrião veio para que eu pudesse conhecê-los e levar-me à minha nova casa para que eu pudesse vê-lo e obter a sensação do lugar, eu também tenho que cumprir o meu bro anfitrião lucas e mãe tania, eu acho que será o meu encontro rebeca outra irmã sediar este fim de semana para que eu não posso esperar por isso. Eu fui para a igreja e para comer com eles e algumas pessoas da igreja que foi muito divertido ea comida era tão bom assim. Hoje foi meu primeiro dia de escola foi bom para conhecer a minha turma eu sei que estou indo para lá gostam de estar em todos é muito agradável e acolhedor na escola. Eu posso tudo pronto dizer que este será um grande ano. Bem eu vou ir de blog tão mal mais tarde tchau.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Day in Texas

Let me catch yall up on whats been going on the past few weeks leading up to this final day in Texas, I had to go to Houston to have a interview for my visa all my paper work got accepted so I only had to wait about a hour before I was haned my visa and was told im all set to go so that was a big plus. I was in Lubbock for a week at my final FFA State Convention it was good, I got a few pins for my jacket and to trade so that was a good thing. Iv had the last two weeks off so to speak iv been busy trying to get gifts for my host family which turned out to be harder to do than I figured it would be when I first started getting all of them. Now iv just got to finish up my packing and I should be all set to get on the plane tomorrow night and be headed to my new home for a year. It still hasnt sunk in all the way that im doing this and that is really happening it feels like its a dream and right before I get on the plane tomorrow ill wake up and relize none of this is true. Well I have to go finish packing, I dont see me getting much sleep tonight so I might blog more then if not the next blog will be from Brazil with some pics.