Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Day in Texas

Let me catch yall up on whats been going on the past few weeks leading up to this final day in Texas, I had to go to Houston to have a interview for my visa all my paper work got accepted so I only had to wait about a hour before I was haned my visa and was told im all set to go so that was a big plus. I was in Lubbock for a week at my final FFA State Convention it was good, I got a few pins for my jacket and to trade so that was a good thing. Iv had the last two weeks off so to speak iv been busy trying to get gifts for my host family which turned out to be harder to do than I figured it would be when I first started getting all of them. Now iv just got to finish up my packing and I should be all set to get on the plane tomorrow night and be headed to my new home for a year. It still hasnt sunk in all the way that im doing this and that is really happening it feels like its a dream and right before I get on the plane tomorrow ill wake up and relize none of this is true. Well I have to go finish packing, I dont see me getting much sleep tonight so I might blog more then if not the next blog will be from Brazil with some pics.